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Bloody Facts

Bloody Facts…

Bloody Facts

>  1 unit of donated red blood cells contains about 2x1012 cells, and astronomers estimate there       are only about 1011 stars in the Milky Way
>  donated blood can be kept for up to 35 days
>  only 4% of the people in the UK who are eligible to give blood are donors
>  our bodies contain about five litres of  blood – a total of about 20 – 30 trillion red blood cells
>  more than two million units of blood are used each year in the UK
>  blood costs about £140 per unit (roughly a pint)
>  95% of the population can be safely  given O Rhesus negative (O-) bloodin an emergency


Mountford's team has managed to produce a billion red blood cells (109) or roughly a teaspoon from a single experiment. The number needed for trials is 1015, while commercial-scale production would be at least 1,000 times greater.


"Bloody Facts". Science Scotland (Issue Eleven)
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