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Profile: Professor Hugh Sinclair

Main research interests of Hugh Sinclair…

Profile: Professor Hugh Sinclair

Profile: Professor Hugh Sinclair

Main research interests:

> The interaction between surface processes (erosion and sedimentation), mountain building and basin subsidence.

> The growth of topography in mountain ranges, including the Alps, Pyrenees, Carpathians, Balkans, Ladakh Himalaya and the Rockies.

> Using numerical modelling to analyse the punctuated nature of surface uplift.

> Processes of long-term erosion are measured using a range of low temperature thermochronometers,enabling us to question the forcings and response times of surface processes to climate and tectonics.

> The products of the erosional engine in the mountain belt are then studied as stratigraphy in surrounding basins.

> Analysis and modelling of the subsidence history of foreland basins.

> Understanding Mountain Belt/Foreland Basin systems using a range of approaches.





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