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Young talent in every direction

The Royal Society of Edinburgh launched the Young Academy of Scotland (YAS) in November 2011, to bring together the country's most dynamic young leaders. It is the only Young Academy in the UK, and is based on a model developed by the national academies in Germany and Holland.  Although it has become part of a growing international movement, the YAS is also unique because it is the only institution of its kind which brings together young professionals from across the whole spectrum of business, the humanities and science, as well as representatives from government and civil society. 

Today, there are about 150 members (each serving five years), selected on the basis of their outstanding achievements both in their chosen discipline and across disciplines. The YAS also fosters interdisciplinary activities and provides a platform for innovative entrepreneurs, professionals and academics to develop a coherent and influential voice, and to address the most challenging issues facing society in Scotland and beyond. It provides a means of reaching beyond the professional environments in which members work, and allows them to contribute to policy and practice in a wide range of areas. Current themes include: the arts, humanities and society; healthy living; public understanding of science; excellence in education; and computing in schools.

In this edition of Science Scotland, the strengths of the YAS are illustrated by the wide range of examples of multidisciplinary approaches and collaboration by YAS members – the innovative use of new technologies, and the enterprising approach of researchers, in everything from medicine and psychology to education, history, the media and cultural identity, particle physics and astrobiology. 

This special issue also highlights their wide international dimension and how Scotland benefits from the research of these talented people, brought together by the YAS from all around the world, doing work as far afield as Africa and the Pacific – and even outer space. 

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