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Innovation Centres: Connecting the Future


Innovation Centres: Connecting the Future

Science Scotland 19

Articles by Peter Barr

Rising to the challenge

Connecting the future

The Data Lab                                                                                                 
The numbers begin to add up

Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC)                                        
Aquaculture casts the net wider

Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC)                                      
Building solid partnerships in building

CENSIS: Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems                   
Making economic sense with sensors

Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IbioIC)                                
Translating promise into profits

Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC)                                                                      
Time to explore new frontiers

Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre (SMS-IC)                                   
Healthcare gets personal

Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI Scotland)                                          
The human face of healthcare



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